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News   December 21, 2021   by Adam Malik

ASW Conversations: ‘Perfect storm’ of supply chain issues

An already strained supply chain has turned even worse thanks to disastrous weather conditions and threats of a strike by unions.

Added on to existing issues, the supply chain is seeing a “perfect storm” of unfortunate events, Tifarah Senkow, VP of sales for Canada and Western USA at Advantage Parts Solutions in Vancouver, tells ASW Conversations host and publisher Peter Bulmer in our latest episode.

“Just recently, I saw an article in Business Insider, and it published an article that talks about the 50 ships that are backlogged off the Port of Vancouver,” she says in the episode Perfect storm’ of supply chain issues. “And the reason that they’re backlogged is because the port is cut off from all major roadways, because of the landslides caused by the recent storms that we had.”

The supply chain is already feeling the pinch. There is a lack of truck drivers, with some voting to strike at two large metro Vancouver port trucking companies earlier this month.

“It’s literally the perfect storm of these unfortunate events that we haven’t been able to control,” Senkow added.

She also gives her thoughts on nearshoring, talent issues and how automotive repair shops can work with her company to source parts.

You can tune into the conversation by clicking the banner above or through this link.



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