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News   November 23, 2022   by Adam Malik

The most stolen cars in Canada last year

2021 Honda CR-V Touring

Vehicle thefts have long been an issue for Canadians but even more so if you own two vehicles in particular.

The Honda CR-V had the most thefts while Lexus RX Series vehicles were stolen at the highest rate, according to data from Équité Association.

The group, established by the property and casualty insurance industry to provide fraud analytics for vehicle, property and cargo recovery, noted that all high-end vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, are targets for thieves. That includes pick-up trucks, SUVs and luxury cars.

Thieves exploit technology through relay attacks and connecting to the on-board diagnostic port. This allows them to reprogram key fobs. Organized crime networks are stealing vehicles in greater volume for export internationally. Montreal is the main exit port for stolen vehicles, the association said.

At the top of the list was 2016-2021 Honda CR-Vs. With 236,555 insured vehicles in Canada, 4,117 were stolen — at a rate of 1.7 per cent. By comparison, there are more Ram 1500s (295,341 insured vehicles; 509 stolen) Ford F-150s (292,127 insured vehicles; 1,182 stolen) and Honda Civics (263,958 insured vehicles; 768 stolen) and all were stolen at a lower rate.

However, 2016-2021 Lexus RX Series vehicles were stolen at by far the highest clip. With 34,560 insured vehicles, 2,202 were stolen — a theft rate of 6.4 per cent.

Regionally, the Lexus RX Series is most likely to be stolen in Ontario — 9.4 per cent of all these vehicles in Ontario are stolen. The Honda CR-V is stolen the most in Quebec at 4.85 per cent. In Alberta, it’s the Ford F-350 series with a theft rate of 3.85 per cent. In Atlantic Canada, the Ram 1500 Series leads the way, with 0.14 per cent of those vehicles stolen.

“Not only does auto theft cost Canadians millions of dollars each year, the proceeds of this illegal activity also fund organized crime and terrorism, both domestically and internationally,” says Bryan Gast, vice president of investigative services at Équité Association. “Canadian property and casualty insurers are invested in finding solutions to the complex problem of auto theft and in helping to create safer communities for all Canadians. Équité Association is member funded and supported, which demonstrates the insurance industry’s commitment to tackling fraud and crime through partnerships, collaboration, and best-in-class data and analytics.”

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