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News   March 24, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Auto repair listed as essential service in Ontario

Repair shops and auto parts stores in Ontario will not be forced to shutter during the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford issued an order yesterday closing all non-essential businesses in the provinces. The list of essential services was released later that evening, and it includes “motor vehicle, auto supply, auto and motor-vehicle repair” facilities.

The most recent “Outlook Study” from the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) shows some 8,620 automotive repair and facilities in Ontario, as well as 1,365 auto parts, accessories, and tire stores.

AIA president J.F. Champagne said the association is pleased that the Ontario government is following guidelines recommended by our industry.

“We encourage the aftermarket industry to use caution while continuing to provide critical services to the population during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.

Champagne said the association had lobbied provincial and federal governments for the essential service ruling.

“As tougher regulations come into play to slow the spread of coronavirus, it would be a mistake to shut down businesses that keep emergency vehicles and essential transportation moving,” Champagne said. “Nurses, doctors, and first responders must be able to get around,” he said. “Critical goods, medicines, and food need to be transported. Essential vehicles will need to be repaired and maintained through this crisis.”

The full list of essential services can be viewed HERE.




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7 Comments » for Auto repair listed as essential service in Ontario
  1. Mary Fuller says:

    Sorry, but I think it’s pretty bad that, in light of this pandemic that we are trying to curb, an organization can lobby the government in this way. Do not agree with these actions.

  2. Hetal says:

    Auto repair shops should be closed and only taking emergency repairs of essential vehicles on call basis. I see so many auto shops busy doing seasonal tire changes right now. People bored at home and weather is getting warmer so let’s go get the tires changed out on the car…ridiculous! Stay Home!

    • Josh Ford says:

      I own an auto repair shop and have many nurses as customers, am repairing an engine for a children’s hospital nurse as we speak, brakes, gridng, clutches, belts, ball joints, all are pressing matters so “essential workers” can get to the job

    • Monica says:

      I totally agree they should only take emergency vehicles. The auto shops are booking 50/60cars a day and they change tires, and then they get the car washed. I don’t think it’s necessary since the germ can be in any car. More people are at being put at risk.

  3. spyros says:

    those technicians have family too and most are flat rate, they get paid per job, how do you tell someone who works in a virus infected work area they have to work and stand around and not get paid and put there lives at risk?

  4. Pat says:

    No sign of Auto body shops opening up again lot people work there need work back there jobs Doug Ford need fix the problem.

  5. This is really appreciated that you have presented this data over here, I love all the information shared. It will be very helpful to understand about auto repair listed as essential services in ontario. Great post to share, thanks for publishing this here!!

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