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News   January 25, 2022   by Adam Malik

ASW Conversations: What’s the future of autonomous?

Autonomous vehicles were all anyone could talk about just a few years ago but the challenges in getting the technology ready and integrated into society are only delaying what’s to come, albeit many years away, says Paul Drysch, chief executive officer of PreAct.

He joined ASW Conversations and told host Peter Bulmer that money is still being invested in the technology to bring things up towards Level 3 autonomy. But going beyond that is a long way off.

“Fully autonomous where most of the cars on the road are fully autonomous is decades and decades away,” he said in the episode, What’s the future of autonomous?

Drysch also dives in to ADAS technology, how it’s come along and why repair shops need to be investing in calibration equipment.

“I know the calibration equipment is expensive and that but after a significant crash, if you want the systems to work correctly, it has to be done.”

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