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News   September 21, 2022   by Adam Malik

Toronto college launches EV program

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George Brown College has launched an Electric Vehicle Technician Certificate Program.

It’s a self-paced distance education program — students can learn at their own pace from anywhere. It’s designed for automotive technicians interested in upping technical knowledge to diagnose, service and repair high voltage EVs. The Toronto school said it’s also open to other trades professionals, like electricians, to learn to install, design and maintain residential or commercial charging stations.

“Right now, the demand for electric vehicles is growing at unprecedented levels, but the infrastructure to support that growth with technicians that can service EVs or maintain charging stations isn’t there yet,” said Colin Simpson, the school’s centre for continuous learning dean. “The Electric Vehicle Technician Certificate Program will prove valuable in preparing the technicians needed to propel the EV industry forward.”

George Brown also offers an EV training program for automotive technicians who want to learn about servicing and repairing electric vehicles and electricians interested in installing and maintaining charging stations in commercial or residential areas — and any other tradespeople or professionals who want to learn more about EVs.

The school cited the International Engergy Agency (IEA), which said 1.3 million EVs were on roads in 2015, which jumped to 10 million by 2020. By 2030, the IEA said it expects 145 million EVs sold.

With this growth and the demands for infrastructure and technicians, the school sees the need to provide education in the area. It highlighted its simulation software to allow students the opportunity to safely perform lab experiments and further their understanding of electrical circuits. This gives students the ability to learn in a real-world environment without the inherent risks involved in working on “live” equipment.