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News   March 10, 2022   by Adam Malik

The top skill employers are looking for

If you have customer service skills, then you may be highly sought after by a prospective employer.

Alternatively, you may be even more valuable to your current bosses.

Randstand, a human resources services company, recently released a list of the most in-demand skills.

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Many of them are fits for the automotive aftermarket. After customer service, skills related to scheduling, sales, cleaning and repair made up the top five.

Customer service was at the top of the list because of the expanding options for customers. If they have a bad experience in one place, they will quickly go to the next. On the flip side, a good experience can create a loyal customer.

“This is why job seekers with customer service and administrative support skills will have no difficulty finding a job in 2022,” Randstand’s announcement said.

Scheduling skills placed second and are new to the list, the company noted. That’s because safety and wellness factors are being constantly addressed by businesses. Adhering to health regulations means ensuring an even and distanced flow of people while also serving customers, Randstand noted.

“Initially, organizations were focused on making sure their workforce had the technology and security they needed to remain operational, now the focus is on the long-term need to push sales, provide best in class customer service, provide a safe environment for their employees and customers and effectively manage their budgets,” said Patrick Poulin, group president of Randstad Canada. “As a result, customer service representatives, salespeople, scheduling and budgeting specialists and accounting positions will be among the most sought-after professionals in the years ahead.

“From an employee perspective, this provides Canadians with the opportunity to level up, refine and repurpose skills that they may have used in previous roles.”

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