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News   October 4, 2021   by Adam Malik

Mitchell 1 releases new software

New software from Mitchell 1 includes new automotive fleet management and communication features.

The latest enhancements in Manager SE help increase a service provider’s capability to integrate and communicate with their automotive fleet customers, Mitchell 1 said in an announcement. Repair facilities using is software to track shop productivity can now integrate with their fleet customer’s management system. This allows them to quickly share estimates, service records and other information.

“At Mitchell 1 we are passionately focused on driving efficiencies throughout the repair process,” said Ben Johnson, director of product management at Mitchell 1. “Integrating with fleet management systems is a natural next step. Since we’ve incorporated the integration in the shop’s normal workflow, it is much easier to interact with a fleet customer.”

A service operation is typically focused on documenting all repairs done at their shop. Fleet operators, on the other hand, generally focus on documenting all repairs done on the assets they maintain, such as cars, trucks, trailers and so on. While the service job is taking place at a shop, there are several phone calls made, such as scheduling appointments, getting approval for work needed and for final invoicing and payment terms.

What Manager SE does, Mitchell 1 explained, is it allows automotive fleet vehicles that require service to send requests to a service provider directly from their management system to Mitchell 1’s shop management system.

So no phone call is needed. The service provider can accept the work, share estimates, get approvals and get paid.

The final record of the repair is shared with the management system so the vehicle’s service history is maintained with them and at the servicing shop.


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