Auto Service World
Feature   August 12, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Working with… animals?

Cam Young of Cam’s Auto Service in Toronto said a 1999 Malibu that limped into the shop had suddenly started shifting hard and the engine light came on. When a technician popped the hood, he found three squirrels alive and well in the engine compartment. It took four days to get rid of them, their nests, and all their food!

Gord, Chris, Bob, and Reagan at OK Tire in Sechelt, British Columbia spent an afternoon removing hundreds of wild almonds and chestnuts from an engine compartment recently. The busy critters had filled every available spot with their treasures. “We see lots of rodent damage, but we’ve never seen anything like this before!” Gord said.

Alex Wu of 128 Auto Service Center in Burnaby, B.C. sent in this shot of the source of engine troubles. A litter of mice had a comfy home on top of the engine block.

When a customer complained of a rattle under the hood, John Poos, service manager at Guelph VW in Guelph, Ont., knew it could be a lot of things. When the tech removed the engine cover, however, the source was immediately clear. Hundreds of chestnuts came tumbling out.


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