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News   November 10, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Eye Spy: A Wheel Mess



These tires have been around the block a few times… and now they’re not going anywhere!


The guys at Gary’s Service Centre in Bethany, Ont. found the kickstart pedal from a small motorbike embedded in a customer’s tire. After getting her back on the road, they advised her to keep an eye open for someone pushing their bike home so she could give them back their pedal!


This wheel had been installed on a Dodge Ram – but not very well. Matthew Rae, who sent in the photo, said the wheel had not been tightened properly and it finally came loose, shearing the studs off and catching its rim on the caliper bracket. Upon inspection, all the other wheels were also loose.


MarkDumbrell of Budget Brake & Muffler, Surdel in Surrey, B.C., said he’d never seen a tire in worse condition. The sidewalls completely disintegrated in the final stretch as the customer drove into the parking lot to buy a new tire.

Justin Power, a technician at Auto Works in Niagara Falls, Ont., couldn’t understand why the vehicle he was test driving drove like a lumber wagon – until he checked the tire pressure. At almost 80 psi per tire, it’s a wonder they didn’t explode!



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