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News   April 21, 2020   by Allan Janssen

EYE SPY Did you read the instructions?!

Installation errors from our growing collection of EyeSpy photographs

John Ford, owner of Main & Market Service Centre in Ridgetown, Ont., says the owner of this vehicle complained of a “popping noise” after he replaced his own ball joint and tie rod. Turns out he didn’t press the joint and never put the jam nut in the rod! Yup, that’ll do it!

The brake pedal of this 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan went straight to the floor and the right front tire was wet with brake fluid when it arrived for service by students at Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Simcoe, Ont. Transportation teacher Clark Chernak said there was no brake pad in sight, and a hyper-extended caliper piston caused the master cylinder to leak dry.


The owner of this Ford F150 let his grandson replace the transmission cooler lines for him. “Not only did he route it above the I-beam suspension, he also passed it through the exhaust,” says Mike Broekema of Lakeside Automotive, in Vineland, Ont. “Kind of defeats the entire purpose of having a transmission cooler!”

One of the wheel nuts on this 2003 Dodge Durango was put on backwards… and extremely tight, says Ron Pasay, of the Fountain Tire in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. Technician Jason Bomas had to go looking for a special socket to try to remove it. They never did find out who made that rookie mistake!


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2 Comments » for EYE SPY Did you read the instructions?!
  1. Doug Scott says:

    Google Certified Technicians

  2. John Rinaldi says:

    Just a perfect example of the work of Google mechanics. I have been a certified Red Seal mechanic since 1972 and worked both for Chrysler and Toyota for close to 20 years, also had my own Automotive repair business for over 25 years. I have seen some terribly dangerous work done by customers on their own cars. Most of the time I was allowed by the customer to repair these so called repairs, but at times was not allowed to. Yearly Provincial vehicle inspections by Certified Auto Mechanics would really help to solve this problem. Customers would then have to have their vehicle repaired properly or they would be taken off the road.

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