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News   May 10, 2018   by Danielle Oswald

The 10 most common check engine light repairs 

The check engine light tends to cause a driver’s heart to skip a beat. It comes on with no warning or explanation as a sense of panic sets in for the driver.

A loose gas gap? A more serious engine malfunction? There’s only one way to find out — take the vehicle to a service and repair shop.

The Car Care Council has released the top 10 check engine light repairs from the annual CarMD Vehicle Health Index.  

The 10 most common check engine light repairs are:

  1. Replace O2 sensors 
  2. Replace ignition coils and spark plugs 
  3. Replace catalytic converter  
  4. Inspect fuel cap and tighten or replace  
  5. Replace evaporative emissions purge solenoid 
  6. Replace mass airflow sensor  
  7. Replace ignition coils  
  8. Replace evaporative emissions purge solenoid  
  9. Replace fuel injectors  
  10. Replace thermostat  

“Many people fear that when the check engine light comes on, it is going to mean several hundred or more dollars in repairs, so they ignore the light and hope the problem goes away,” said Rich White, executive director at Car Care Council. “Data from CarMD makes it clear that not addressing the cause of an illuminated check engine light can cost you in terms of wasted fuel and more expensive repairs in the future.” 

“Following a recommended maintenance schedule and addressing small problems before they become bigger ones will help extend the life of your car and minimize check engine related repairs,” continued White. “It’s important to note that most of the common check engine problems negatively impact a car’s fuel economy and become more costly to repair if service is delayed.” 

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2 Comments » for The 10 most common check engine light repairs 
  1. Eli says:

    * Number 3 is the result of neglecting number 2
    * Number 5 should read “Vent” solenoid
    * Number 7 is covered in number 2
    * Number 10 should be nearer to the top of the list

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