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News   April 12, 2024   by Adam Malik

AAA warns of AEB issues

While automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems have provided benefits to drivers, they’re not foolproof, the American Automobile Association is warning.

Recent research from AAA put the spotlight on the performance of reverse AEB systems, specifically those equipped with rear cross-traffic mitigation, in the latest 2023 model-year vehicles.

The study aimed to determine the efficacy of these systems in preventing collisions under two common scenarios: Reversing from a parking space with an obstructed view and encountering a stationary child behind the vehicle.

The findings revealed that while reverse AEB systems engaged brakes automatically in 65 per cent of simulations involving an oncoming vehicle during a backing-up maneuver, they only prevented a collision in 2.5 per cent of cases. However, the systems showed greater effectiveness with a stationary child target, initiating brakes in 75 per cent of instances and averting a collision in half of the test runs.

You can see examples of the test here and here.

AAA has issued recommendations urging drivers not to solely depend on reverse AEB systems for avoiding collisions. Instead, they should complement these systems with backup cameras and other sensors to enhance situational awareness. The association also emphasizes cautious backing up, especially when the view is obstructed, to allow ample time for the system to detect potential hazards.

The report also calls for standardized testing criteria within the United States to ensure the reliability and real-world applicability of these safety systems.

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