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News   March 9, 2023   by Adam Malik

Will passenger car popularity rebound?

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The shine might be coming off pickup trucks for consumers.

It seems consumers are becoming less interested in pickups and moving more towards cars — to the point where car purchases could surpass trucks, suggested an industry observer.

Things that are most interesting to consumers these days are fuel prices and overall efficiency, said Daniel Ross, senior automotive analyst at Canadian Black Book.

Even when it comes to electric vehicles, these things matter to consumers. So as EV sales grow, consumers will be looking at how much range they’ll get from a single charge of a truck compared to a smaller car.

“Even for pickup truck EVs, pickup trucks are still going to be the most inefficient vehicles on the road, whether they’re EV or ICE,” Ross said at TalkAuto, hosted by Canadian Black Book in November in Woodbridge, Ontario.

So even once pickups convert to EVs, there could be “moments of weakness for the pickup truck market,” Ross added.

There will be those in the pickup market who won’t leave — they use these vehicles as work trucks. But the pickup has been on a steady popularity rise as more of a personal vehicle in recent years.

“Pickup trucks are now luxury vehicles. For the most part, many people probably in this room, if they have a pickup truck, it’s probably not a work truck. It’s probably a gussied-up family vehicle with all the luxuries and amenities that you could want,” Ross said. “And so that market has sort of changed. And there’s more room for weakening there as well.”


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  1. WAYNE HOSAKI says:

    I agree with the statement that car sales will grow and sales of pickups will decline. But this will probably only be in densely populated areas. Living in a rural area where I have to take my own garbage to the dump and haul stuff around the property I will always need a truck. I also pull trailers both cargo and boat. In rural areas of the province just look at dealership inventory and you will see more pickups than cars on the lot.


    I understand the EV distance of a truck can be cut in half depending on cargo or towing capacity. Great news for EV owners wanting to go any distance with their trailer.

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