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News   March 18, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Top 5 Tire Brands for 2023


Contrary to what most people believe, tires do a lot more than move your vehicle forward. From increasing fuel efficiency to ensuring safety measures, there are a plethora of factors where tires play a key determining role. While it is often a common trait to overlook the tires when buying a vehicle, it is something to keep in mind whether you are driving on the highway or off-road. There is a variety of tires that serve different functions, but to get the best car tires, you need to go for the leading brands in the industry. 

Why? These brands are the epitome of quality and value for money, which makes them the best in the market. With that being said, here are the top 5 tire brands that you need to consider when buying a tire for your vehicle.

1. Giti Tire

The roots of Giti Tire go back more than 70 years and offer a wide range of quality tires and services. The Singapore-based tire company has manufacturing plants all over the world, including China, Indonesia, and the United States.

With more than 5 R&D and tire testing centres worldwide, Giti Tire tops the list as a leading global tire company by giving value to offering reliable products, performance, and top quality. With products and services provided to more than 150 countries, Giti Tire has been ranked among the largest tire companies around the world. From passenger cars and fleet services to 4x4s and SUVs, the range of tires offered by Giti Tire is enormous and caters to almost every vehicle owner today.

Apart from that, Giti Tire sponsors motorsports drivers and events, including the major races in Europe and Asia like the F3 Asian Championship. One of the significant milestones of Giti Tire also includes its debut in the 24-hour Nürburgring Race, which states the level of performance of the tires manufactured by the company.

2. Michelin

Michelin is one of the most popular global tire brands that has primarily made its fame among drivers around the world for the durability and quality of the tires the company provides. From all-season tires to summer tires, with Michelin, one can get quality tires in basically every category. The French multinational tire company has been in business for over a century and is considered one of the leading manufacturers, along with Continental and Goodyear.

The services provided by Michelin are also top-notch; original equipment tires and replacement tires are both available from the company, and if there are any manufacturing faults, both of them may come with a limited guarantee for up to six years. For a number of its models, Michelin also provides long-term mileage guarantees.

From the Golden Wrench Award for Best All-Season CrossClimate2 to the Golden Wrench Winner for Best Performance tire, the Pilot Sport S4, Michelin provides 50 distinct tire styles. It is one of the manufacturers that provides a variety of tires designed specifically for winter weather as well.

3. Goodyear

Goodyear tires are among the best in the industry, and drivers seeking durability have come to recognize the company as one of the most popular tire manufacturers around the globe. Since the development of vulcanization, the American tire company Goodyear has been engaged in the tire manufacturing industry.

Goodyear offers an astounding selection of trucks and SUVs accounting for around half of Goodyear’s tire offerings. Before making any of its tire models available to customers, Goodyear makes sure to put them through extensive internal and external testing. In practically every category and driving circumstance, Goodyear tires tend to perform better than many manufacturers, including multiple factors like braking, handling, acceleration, and different surfaces.

4. Continental

The German tire company Continental has been in operation for more than 150 years and offers a wide range of subsystems for use in the automotive and transportation industries. Although Continental is a component of a sizable global corporation, the company has many aspects beyond just manufacturing tires. In the US, Continental offers a selection of 59 different tire models, each of which comes with outstanding high-performance and durability.

Some of the tires manufactured by Continental are touring tires, medium-duty truck tires, and SUV tires, but less so for the severe mud-terrain and all-terrain types because it primarily focuses on mainstream vehicle tire manufacture. Anyone looking for performance, touring, or ordinary all-season versions may consider Continental as a top all-season tire manufacturer. While the tires may not quite be labelled as affordable, Continental tires are often less expensive than Michelin or Goodyear tires.

5. Bridgestone

Bridgestone has been a pioneer in the tire industry and has worked to develop products that are more ecologically friendly. Bridgestone also provides cutting-edge run-flat tires for motorists seeking further road safety. One of the biggest tire companies in the world, Bridgestone provides a variety of tire selections.

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