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News   September 16, 2019   by Allan Janssen

Mazda Canada selects its top technician

Top 10 technicians competed last week at the car company's Canadian headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ont.

Adam Bochek of Stoney Creek, Ont. is Canada’s top Mazda technician.

On Friday, he won the latest MazTech Service Skills Technician at the car company’s Richmond Hill head office.

Bochek won top marks against nine other technicians from across the country in diagnosing and repairing a number of problems (plus a few bonus ‘bugs’) on a 2019 CX-3.

Among the customer complaints: No ignition power, ignition will only turn on if remote is near the push button, vehicle cranks but will not start, engine runs very rough, with Check Engine light on, rear wipers don’t work, front wiper won’t settle in park position, and left rear power window does not work.

Bochek was the first to close his hood, indicating that he was confident that he’d rectified all the problems on the work order.

As the 2019 winner, he is assured a place on the Canadian team that will compete at the Mazda international competition in Japan in 2021. The other member of the team will be the winner of next year’s MazTech competition.

Second place this year went to Dany St-Pierre of Mazda De Sherbrooke, Que.

Third place went to David Deweerd of Pfaff Mazda in London, Ont.

Other competitors were: Jin Hong of Motion Mazda in Orangeville, Ont.; John Webb of Gerry Gordon’s Mazda in Winnipeg; Glenn Bonderud of West Coast Mazda in Pitt Meadows, B.C.; Ricardo Gregorio of Wolfe’s Langley Mazda in Surrey, B.C.; Robert Kras of Westowne Mazda in Etobicoke, Ont.; Steeve Potvin of Beauport Mazda in Quebec City, Que.; and Cristopher Puckering of Western Mazda in Corner Brook, Nfld.

At the end of the competition, Mazda Canada staff explained how they bugged the vehicles, and what the simplest fixes would have been.

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MazTech Skills Competition 2019

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