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Leading Canadian Automotive Service Schools

An automotive service school, or an automotive mechanic school, trains individuals to inspect and service vehicles. It is a school for skilled technicians to engage in courses aligned with their careers. 

For people that want career opportunities in auto dealerships and repair shops, going to an auto mechanic school is a good shot toward such goals. Credible, high-standard automotive service schools connect students with employment opportunities besides quality education.

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In this article, we’ll show you the leading Canadian mechanic schools and their courses.

What To Look Out For In An Auto Mechanic School

All auto mechanic schools train people to service vehicles – that’s why they are called automotive schools. However, aside from that, some other factors determine if a mechanics school is good for you. 

The critical factors you should look out for when making your choice of automotive mechanic school include the following:

  • Accreditation 
  • Program scope
  • Employment rate
  • Teaching competence
  • Automotive technology

Leading Automotive Schools In Canada

Based on many factors, including the ones mentioned previously, here are the leading schools as far as the service is concerned:

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT)

BCIT is a renowned technology institute in Canada and beyond it. The school has an automotive division, offering leading courses in this industry. BCIT trains students for careers like Automotive Service Technicians, Auto Body Technicians, Collision Repair Technicians, Automotive Painters, and Auto Mechanics. 

All of these careers are successful careers as they are in high demand all over the world. As automotive service technology evolves rapidly, these skills are more demanded now than ever. Employment in these areas is in high demand, so learning these skills from the best is essential. This will help you stand out and become a force to reckon with.

BCIT is a school dedicated to producing high-quality, job-ready graduates. They collaborate with vehicle manufacturers like Toyota and Acura to train auto mechanics and get apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Their division is located at the Burnaby Campus.

  • Centennial College, Ontario

Located in Ontario, Centennial College has a transportation division that offers automotive programs. The college’s automotive school has top-notch facilities to make learning easier. The available programs at Centennial College train technicians for careers include Automotive Service Technician, Auto Body & Collision Damage Repairer, Auto Body Repair Technician, and Mechanical Engineering Technician. 

The Automotive Service Technician programs are categorized based on vehicle manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and Honda. This classification gives more room for specialization. To start any of these brand-specialized programs, applicants must be apprentices of the brand. For instance, an Automotive Service Technician Toyota TDAP applicant must be a Toyota/Lexus dealer apprentice.

The Automotive Fundamentals is a great place to start for people just kick-starting their careers. The one-year program allows technicians to enter the workforce and expand their skill sets.

The transportation school is located at the Ashtonbee Campus.

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology(SAIT)

Located in Calgary, Alberta, SAIT is an institute committed to teaching students and placing them in a perfect position for innovative change. The school trains students to become masters in careers such as Automotive Service Technician, Pre-employment Auto Body, Pre-employment Automotive Service Technician, and Auto Body Technician. 

Service facilities, automotive repair shops, car dealerships, or large organizations with fleets of vehicles employ graduates from these programs.

SAIT also offers Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training and GM Service Educational Program. These specialized programs allow graduates to progress in the dealer organizations to fixed operations manager, service manager, etc.

There are also boot camps for different careers.

Graduating from SAIT means you can access high-quality services and products at low rates from the school’s partner companies. It also implies a higher employment rate in this industry.

The Clayton Carroll Automotive Center is used as the polytechnic’s automotive campus.

So, What Would Your Choice Be?

The course you plan to study is essential in choosing the best auto mechanic school for you. A technician who wants to major in Auto Body Repair should opt for a school like Centennial College, where the course is available.

The history of an automotive school is another critical aspect. An institute that has spent decades in Canada knows the dynamics of the industry. Such a school will find it easy to align its students with the trends and requirements of the industry.

Generally, these schools we’ve mentioned are the leading automotive service schools, and you can’t be wrong with them.


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