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News   January 31, 2017   by Adam Malik

Hunter shows off latest technology

The Hunter Engineering Company showcased some of its latest technology recently at the national Automobile Dealers Association convention.

“The new Hunter inspection technology automatically measures tire tread depth and captures vehicle identification in seconds as the customer drives through the service lane,” the company said. “Advisors are able to immediately pinpoint tire replacement opportunities and easily present tire offers in ‘good, better, best’ format.”

According to the company, about “25 per cent of all customer tires are in need of immediate replacement or will need to be replaced soon. By auditing every vehicle and presenting timely, informative tire offers, shops are able to dramatically increasing customer tire sales.”

It added that, according to studies, “78 per cent of consumers maintain their vehicle where they purchase tires.”

Hunter also showcased a new tool to help provide “the fastest, highest quality brake job possible,” they company said.

The AutoComp Elite is an “automatic compensation technology’ that “directly determines the position of the internal compensation plates to maximize speed and accuracy without operator intervention”

It has a seven-inch touchscreen to allow “technicians to quickly look up required adaptors, operate the lathe including changing cutting direction and speed, and view instructional videos. The interface also includes the BitMinder feature which monitors bit life and recommends replacement to improve cut quality and reduce waste,” the company said.

It also “includes patented anti-chatter technology (ACT) which eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.”

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