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News   March 11, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Category Focus: Steering

AAE gearbox

CRP Automotive has released a new line of AAE Steering Gear Boxes for popular Ford truck applications to help against premature failure. The gearboxes feature a larger, case-hardened shafts and oversized bearings for superior performance and durability. The OE steering gear boxes for some Ford truck applications feature sector shafts that are too hard and undersized, which can lead to premature failure under normal loads.

Steering knuckle

Dorman has developed a pre-pressed steering knuckle kit – also known as a loaded knuckle – that comes with all critical components already assembled for a fast, simple, safe installation. It includes a new knuckle, wheel bearing, hub, and application-specific hardware. Designed to save hour in labour, it eliminates work required to replace individual corroded components.

Power Steering Rack

CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, has debuted a new, remanufactured AAE Electric Power Steering (EPS) Rack, P/N ER1040. This first-to-market EPS Rack has been developed for Honda CR-V applications from 2012-2014 and is a direct replacement for Honda OE P/N 53601-T0A-A01.

To ensure the highest performance possible, each AAE remanufactured Honda EPS Rack is disassembled, cleaned, shot-peened, and hardened to restore OE performance and finish. During the remanufacturing process, each unit is fitted with new boots, clamps, bearings, O-rings, and seals, while the inner tie rods are re-pressed or replaced.

Every AAE Electric Power Steering (EPS) Rack is electronically tested to confirm that no diagnostic trouble codes are present and endurance tested to ensure OE performance and reliability. CRP Automotive backs the rack with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty.

Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Demand

Cardone Industries, a leader in the automotive aftermarket, has expanded its remanufactured electronic power steering (EPS) product coverage to meet and exceed market demand as the transition from hydraulic power steering to EPS becomes the norm.

“With the increase of EPS systems in new vehicles over the years, Cardone has aligned with that demand and is poised to lead the aftermarket in this category” Said Mark Mooberry, Senior Director of Product Management at Cardone. “Cardone is better equipped to support the EPS market, because our products are backed by a 20-year history of competency in electronics remanufacturing”.

Fuel efficiency was the driving force behind the automotive market shift from hydraulic to electric power steering. “Cardone’s five decades of remanufacturing and electronics expertise has helped lay the foundation to support enhanced technologies like Park Assist, Lane Departure Systems and fully autonomous vehicles” said Mike Carr, Chief Executive Officer at Cardone.

Anticipating the growth in demand, Cardone launched EPS in 2016 and now offers over 50 EPS high-demand part numbers, including exclusive, full-range coverage on all Ford F-150s through 2016. Cardone also offers Rack-Assist, Column-Assist and Electro-Hydraulic-Assist Racks, all with 3-year/36,000 mile warranties.




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