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News   November 6, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Category Focus: Shop Equipment

Recent announcements in the shop equipment space from aftermarket suppliers.

Recently released products in the Shop Equipment space include a new worklight from Hella; new equipment from John Bean; a ProGlide cargo slider from Strongarm; a new compressed air filter from Walmec; a new tire changer from Hunter; ADAS calibration equipment from Bosch; a sanitation sand from Larsen; and cold weather worklights from SSI.

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.

Work light

Hella says its new ValueFit work lamp series offers powerful light output in a compact and attractive design. The housing and the bracket are in black, and lend the work lamp its modern and elegant design. Equipped with a thermal sensor that adapts to the ambient temperature, the TS3000 / TR3000 models achieve 3,000 lumens at an ambient temperature of 25℃, and up to 4,800 lumens in cold environments. Similarly, the TS1700 / TR1700 models reach 1,700 lumens at 25℃, and up to 2,000 in cold environments.


Alignment Machine

John Bean has created a landing page for its V3300 wheel alignment system that the company says can help improve shop productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and grow the bottom line.

The dedicated landing page showcases the innovative John Bean V3300 aligner and its distinctive product features, including a clear visualization of the system screen and detailed information about tech specifications and standard accessories. The website includes the ability to download the John Bean sales assistant app where customers have easy access to sales support and can view current promotional offers. An informative new video demonstrates the ease of performing an alignment and ADAS recalibration from start to finish.

“If you are looking for a wheel alignment system you can trust to be accurate, while saving valuable time and increasing shop revenue, the John Bean V3300 is the ideal system of choice,” said Jordan Krebs, product manager for John Bean. “The V3300 is a standalone, worry-free mobile wheel alignment system that provides quick and accurate measurements to increase error-free repair services.”

The John Bean V3300 alignment system is designed to guide technicians of multiple skill levels through an accurate alignment in less time, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Its advanced notification system monitors the entire alignment procedure in order to automatically correct and compensate for simple issues without slowing the alignment process down, ensuring that every alignment is done on time.

Featuring the fastest camera ever offered by John Bean, the V3300 has an optimized software flow and a built-in notification system that work together to provide fast and accurate readings. This allows the service technician to work quickly while maintaining confidence the results will be correct. The V3300 also features “Compensate-Warn-Alert” that allows the system to compensate almost any error made during the alignment. Whether it’s due to suspension stress or loose components, the John Bean V3300 will quickly find and correct errors as they occur.



Tailgate glider

StrongArm is introducing an innovative addition to their family of lift supports. New StrongArm ProGlide Tailgate Assist is engineered for safe and convenient tailgate operation ProGlide is a special damping strut that replaces the need for manual tailgate lowering. The result is the extended life of tailgate cables and hardware. Only one ProGlide Tailgate Assist is needed (for the driver’s side of the gate) and the no drill installation is fast and easy in 15 minutes or less.

New StrongArm ProGlide Tailgate Assist is the upgrade aftermarket accessory for older model pickup trucks and replacement for late model trucks. With 10 SKUs in the product line, it covers 31.5 million domestic and import vehicles in operation. And, ProGlide installs in 15 minutes or less with no drilling required

“StrongArm ProGlide Tailgate Assist is safer and more convenient for the truck owner, protects tailgate hardware, and only 15 minutes to install,” said Kevin O’Dowd, SVP of global marketing, TRICO Group. “It’s the kind of product that truck drivers have to have.”

StongArm ProGlide comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is engineered in the United States to OE quality standards for performance and durability. In addition, ProGlide passes extensive quality checks and testing to earn its IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certification.

Compressed Air Filter

The new 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter from Walmec provides point-of-use filtration of liquids, oils, and other contaminants. According to Walmec North America, this two-stage filter is designed to operate most effectively when placed near the point of use.  It has a 5 micron rating, and is available in sizes with flow ranges of 15 SCFM to 250 SCFM, and pressure ratings of up to 250 PSI. The 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter is ideal for a large variety of applications including surface preparation, paint spraying, powder coating, air powered tools, and pneumatically operated equipment.

The first stage filter knocks out all liquids, and particles of dirt, dust, rust, and scale.  The second stage filter removes remaining moisture, contaminants, and particles down to 5 microns.  An automatic float drain under the second stage filter opens and expels all collected liquids when an ounce or more is present.  It is fully automatic with no continuous air loss.

The 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter has a permanently mounted differential pressure gauge and comes with mounting brackets.  The differential pressure gauge provides a visual indication of required maintenance which is easily done by installing the appropriate service kit.  No need to remove the unit from the compressed air system.  An optional pressure regulator with gauge is available.

Walmec North America understands the importance of protecting your valuable machinery, tools, and finished products from wet, dirty, and contaminated air.  The 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter effectively achieves this.  It is easy to install, use, and maintain.

Tire changer

Hunter is proud to release its fourth-generation Revolution  WalkAway  Tire Changer, the TCRH.

The latest model brings many new features to the Revolution tire changer, including HunterNet connectivity, a Walkaway savings odometer, new clamping spindles and press arms systems, and the latest Revolution software – 1.8.

HunterNet connected Revolutions with wired internet connections will soon be able to take advantage of exciting opportunities, such as tracking and reporting usage data, populating trend reports and logging individual tire changes including before and after photos.



ADAS Calibration System

The new Bosch DAS 3000 ADAS Calibration System is described as a complete solution that enables shops to recalibrate vehicle camera and radar systems with confidence, speed, efficiency, precision and a vision for the future.

DAS 3000 Recalibration fixture precisely holds the radar reflector and camera targets for sensor recalibration.

Robust camera targets with integrated storage box makes finding the proper target easy and helps maintain the integrity and serviceability of the targets. Conveniently stored in the calibration unit keeps your work area organized.

Leading edge Bosch ADAS Positioning System (BAP) utilizes technology and industrial-grade vision sensors to measure the distance and angles of the fixture, in relation to the vehicle, providing the most precise measurements ensuring the exact target positioning required for the most accurate calibration.

Guided instructions walks users through commonized, simplified recalibration procedures including setting up the fixture, target selections and sensor recalibration compatible with the unique requirements of OEM makes and models.



Handheld UV Sanitation Wand

Latest news reports suggest the coronavirus is still rampant across the US, with new cases of the virus exceeding 6.8 million. In order to promote safety and stay relevant during these challenging times, businesses need low-cost and effective sanitation methods for their facilities.

As harmful microbes are easily transmitted via dirty surfaces, one of the best ways to eliminate the coronavirus is to use our handheld UV-C sanitation devices! We currently offer low-cost alternatives for our line of heavy-duty models, which can be used to inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold and spores on surfaces.

Use the handheld sanitation units below to sanitize tables, desks, work stations, equipment, machines and more. These UV-C 254 nm solutions are also effective for cleaning keys, phones, computers, access cards, hats, safety glasses and everyday tools!

Handheld UV Disinfection Wand

The IND-HL-UVC-HH18-30C-120V is equipped with a twin-tube germicidal UV-C fluorescent lamp and several protective features designed to streamline cleaning and application. This unit can be used as a traditional UV wand via an extended handle and secured on magnetic surfaces for seamless mounting. Like standard non-UV drop lights, the device comes with a top-located swivel hook for mounting on chains, ropes, poles and small openings. A 30-foot power cord is included for connection to 120V AC outlets.

Handheld UV Sanitizer

The IND-HL-HDB-4P18-2L-120V-30C has two 18” UV-C fluorescent lamps for no-contact surface disinfection. This device features a white-back reflector for optimized UV light distribution, built-in on/off switch and a portable plastic grip handle. To use the sanitation wand, individuals simply move the lamp closely over the “dirty” surface. The powder coated steel unit comes with a 30-foot cord and a 5-15P molded plug for connection to common 120V AC wall outlets.



Cold weather work lights

Superior Signals, Inc. (SSI) has introduced a new line of LED worklights specifically designed for cold climates. In low temperature environments, the temperature control will increase light output, wattage, and current draw to achieve optimal performances and extend product life. These lights are great for a wide variety of applications such as construction machinery, forklifts, mining machinery, building projection lights, outdoor commercial lighting, farm equipment, emergency lighting, 4×4 off-road vehicles, and other heavy equipment.

These worklights come in two versions, the SYLED3030HS-FL and the SYLED4545HS-FL. The SYLED3030HS-FL worklight features 4 LEDs, 1800 lumens, 32W max output, and is 2.77” (70mm) long. The SYLED4545HS-FL worklight is considered the heavy duty light with 16 LEDs, 4800 lumens, 94W max output, and a larger 4.41” (112mm) length. This heavy duty light is brighter and bigger so you can tackle those tough jobs with ease. Both of these lights are reverse polarity protected and are IP67, IP69K, CE, RoHS, and EMC certified. With a 5-year warranty, there’s nothing to lose; stock up today!

Whatever your needs, SSI has the right light for the job. SSI serves OEM and aftermarket customers domestically and internationally by providing quality vehicle safety lighting and traffic control products for demanding on – and off – road markets. We offer an industry knowledgeable sales force and dedicated sales representatives to assist you in your product requirements for a variety of vehicle and equipment components. We have been providing quality products for over 45 years and our focus is your complete customer satisfaction.

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