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News   August 18, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Category Focus: Diagnostic Tools

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.

Recently released products in the Diagnostic Tool space include the Autodiagnos Pro Automotive Diagnostic System from Continental; two new diagnostic oscilloscopes from Pico Technology; wifi capabilities for the VT56 from Ateq; a new integration for the ADS 625 from Bosch; and the Topdon ArtiPad I-Pro from CAS.

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.


CAS Introduces TOPDON’s ArtiPad I-PRO Online and In-store

Canada Auto Solutions (CAS) has just been awarded distribution rights of TOPDON scanners in the Canadian market. CAS has added this fast-growing global brand to its portfolio of products and services. TOPDON is renowned for its technologically advanced features, user friendliness and light-weight/ sturdy hardware.

CAS’s first TOPDON product offering will be the brand’s star product, the famous ArtiPad I-PRO which is considered to be one of the world’s most reliable scanners. This exceptional OE-Level functionality diagnostic scanner is available for full car model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis for more than 100 US, Asian and European vehicle makes and models. Wide coverage scanners such as ArtiPad I-PRO are the most popular in the global automotive aftermarket industry as they bring operational efficiencies and economies of scale. ArtiPad I-PRO is witnessing a growing demand in the North American markets particularly because it allows the users to perform ECU online programming and coding of OEM level commands. “We are very excited about this new addition to our portfolio of products and services. TOPDON’s ArtiPad I-PRO is a star product with exceptional features.” said Mr. Chady Abdo, Managing Director at CAS.

The ArtiPad I-PRO is an Android based, powerful and portable diagnostic tool for the automotive industry that also performs programming functions.

ADS 625 now integrates with Shop-Ware Shop Management

Bosch has announced that its industry-leading automotive repair diagnostic scan tool, the ADS 625, is now available in the Shop-Ware Shop Management platform. Combined with the shop management and customer retention tool of the Shop-Ware platform, this diagnostic tool allows auto repair experts to conveniently diagnose, research, and repair vehicle issues all in one place.

To celebrate the integration, Bosch is offering a free ADS 625 scan tool for all Bosch Car Service Shops that sign up for a year subscription for the Shop-Ware Master Plan.

Bosch ADS 625 offers everything technicians need to diagnose, research, and repair vehicle issues. The ADS 625 comes standard with access to Bosch Repair-Source, a comprehensive vehicle service and repair information library with full vehicle system coverage for Domestic, Asian and European brands. Additionally, the ADS 625 touts many of the fastest scan times in the industry, with all-system DTC scans averaging under 60 seconds, and complete scans for 30 seconds or less for many vehicle year, make and models.

In 2018, Bosch announced its investment in Shop-Ware to provide all independent automotive workshops, including Bosch Car Service shops, in North America with special access to the Shop-Ware platform, and to accelerate Shop-Ware’s third-party software integration roadmap. The customizable platform is a point-of-sale tool that integrates proprietary and third-party shop management software to enhance technician and customer experience behind and in front of the counter at automotive aftermarket repair shops.

“Since we invested in Shop-Ware in 2018, we’ve seen the tremendous value it has provided for all automotive workshops, with our state of the art coverage and speed we represent Invented for Life further through our diagnostic tools portfolio.” said Uli Jaschek, Bosch Director Product Marketing.

Jean-Philippe Persico, Bosch Director Strategy, Digital Innovation and Workshop Business adds, “The integration of ADS 625 is an exciting new step in this digital ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to be providing yet another high-quality Bosch tool that makes each job more seamless for technicians. This integration further deepens the values Bosch promises to consumers and partners when talking about the Bosch Car Service network. Our ecosystem encompasses innovative access to the highest technology standards and customer-oriented solutions, that help end consumers and fleet customers access services from the biggest independent automotive repair network in the world.”

“Shop-Ware users look to our platform to support every aspect of their shop,” said Carolyn Coquillette, Shop-Ware CEO. “With the ADS 625 integration, we’re fulfilling a significant diagnostic access point that will enhance both technicians’ and their customers’ experiences from start to finish.  This is a great example of what’s possible the Shop-Ware/Bosch partnership.”

WiFi Feature Exclusively for VT56 Tool

LIVONIA,Mich.(April6,2020)-A TEQTPMSTools,LC,leaderofTPMS Tool solutions for the OE, industrial and aftermarket industries, announced that the ATEQ VT56 will now have the feature to update via WiFi. The WiFi feature allows ATEQ TPMS tools to remain future proof in an ever-changing automotive aftermarket industry.

The WIFI update feature will allow users to update their VT56 tool without plugging it into a PC. When an update is available for download, a message will display on the screen. To complete the update, users must be connected to an internet source.

The tool goes through two steps to download software via WIFI; first, the tool downloads the software and second, the tool decompresses the software, which causes the tool to restart multiple times. This process also occurs when downloading software from WebVT.

Before updating via WIFI, make sure to charge your tool, as the update can take up to 40 minutes. ATEQ recommends that users keep their tool charged when updating via WIFI so the update is not interrupted.

If you run into any problems updating your tool, try to update via WebVT. If the problem persists, contact our tech support team at 888-621-8767, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. (EST) and Saturday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (EST).

Please watch the video below to learn how to connect the VT56 to WiFi and how to update the tool via WiFi.

About ATEQ TPMS Tools

ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC is a division of ATEQ which was founded in 1975. We are the number one world supplier in the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) field by supplying an entire range of TPM activation tools for both assembly lines and tire repair shops.


4-channel and 2-channel diagnostic oscilloscopes

Pico Technology has launched the new PicoScope 4425A and 4225A diagnostic oscilloscopes, available in 4-channel and 2-channel configurations. This latest diagnostic PicoScope combines all the strengths of our existing 4425/4225 labscopes but adds a smart interface for powered and intelligent accessories (PicoBNC+), which combines the standard BNC with an active digital connection and power. The 4425A and 4225A continue to work with all your existing BNC probes and accessories, preserving your investments.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Pico had to make changes to the launch plan as most staff are working remotely.  We discussed delaying the launch but decided that we would push ahead and make the best launch we can.  Technicians across the world use PicoScope to fix faults in vehicles and off-highway equipment such as harvesters. Our customers have not stopped work, and we will continue to support them in every way possible.

The new models make it even easier (and intuitive) for inexperienced users and experts alike, with new test capabilities and future-proofing. Together with a range of accessories, there is a kit for vehicle assessors, and our EV kit will be launching soon.

The new PicoBNC+ connection is a plug-and-play design – push to connect, and that’s it! Interactive LEDs on the scope match color-coding on probes when connected.  Probes are automatically recognized in the software and set up accordingly, making it diagnostics even faster and easier with the PicoScope 4425A.

PicoBNC+ probe recognition saves time, reduces errors, and allows new users to become confident and comfortable faster than with other scopes.

PicoBNC+ powered probes mean that current clamps are always ready for action, with no limit on long-term measurements.

PicoBNC+ software control provides Auto-zero on probes, avoids manual switch settings, and simplifies probe setup for users.

Channel status LEDs provide a clear indication of which probes to connect to which channel, and of active channels.

Probe mismatch [PicoScope 7] eliminates the chance of accidental incorrect setup or measurements.

In addition to the new features, the 4425A still offers the benefits seen in the previous 4425 PicoScope: ConnectDetect, ±200 V voltage input range, floating input system, high sample rate (up to 400 MS/s), high vertical resolution (12-bit to 16-bit enhanced), SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, 20MHz bandwidth, advanced triggers, advanced filtering, large buffer memory (250 million samples), maths channels, measurement and phase rulers, Pico waveform library, more than 150 guided tests, and the fantastic free Pico software upgrades.

PicoScope is used and trusted by more authorized and independent repairers than any other measurement system because it gives them the capability, confidence and support to find and prove the fix for most vehicle faults quickly. PicoScope lets you diagnose electrical, pressure, hydraulic, and NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) faults, offering comprehensive coverage on vehicles of every type, trucks, buses, motorcycles, agricultural and construction equipment, off-highway and industrial systems.

The PicoScope 4425A sets a new standard in diagnostic oscilloscopes for vehicle and equipment technicians, offering unrivalled performance and usability focused on making your diagnostics faster and more accurate than ever before.

Diagnostic System Streamlines Vehicle Diagnosis

Continental has introduced a new diagnostic tool designed to help improve technician’s productivity by streamlining vehicle diagnosis. The Continental Autodiagnos Pro Automotive Diagnostic System has been specially designed to help automotive technicians analyze, diagnose, and repair vehicles faster. The new scan tool can be used to service all makes and is being updated continuously as vehicles evolve.

Designed and built by OEM tool developers based on an OEM platform used worldwide, Autodiagnos Pro is specifically engineered for use by the professional automotive technician. The scan tool was designed by the same engineers who developed assembly line testing tools for global OEMs. The tool was engineered and is supported in the US.

Autodiagnos Pro reports DTCs in an average of 20-30 seconds, decodes VINs in seconds, and provides accurate data in list, multiple graph, and gauge formats. The clear and sharp interface presents vehicle data in an intuitive and uncluttered layout that’s easy to configure, easy-to-read.

Christopher Bahlman, Head of Diagnostics & Services, Continental Commercial Vehicles and Services, noted, “We are very excited about the performance of our new Autodiagnos Pro professional scan tool and the many advantages and benefits it provides to today’s service techs. It combines exceptional operating speed, sharp, and intuitive user interface and the same data used in OE diagnostics data to enhance technician and shop productivity.”

To ensure that the tool integrates seamlessly with a shop’s current system, the Autodiagnos Pro Automotive Diagnostic System operates on a subscription-based model, so there is no large, upfront investment. It comes with a one-year subscription at purchase. The system can utilize a shop’s existing compliant tablet or laptop, or the subscription can be bundled with a new tablet at purchase.

Continental is a leading aftermarket supplier of OE-engineered parts for HVAC and engine cooling, door systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, engine management, fuel systems and instrumentation, as well as automotive diagnostic systems, premium wiper blades, and brake system parts and fluid.

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