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News   April 9, 2024   by Adam Malik

Canadians letting same maintenance slide

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Canadian vehicle owners are continuing to ignore oil change needs, updated research has found.

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada released its latest look at consumer behaviour. It sheds light on where Canadian vehicle owners are deficient in their knowledge and where opportunities are for the automotive aftermarket.

Free for members, it examines the habits of Canadians across various segments such as age, income, region and type of vehicles they own. The report is $199 for non-members.

The report, Canadian vehicle owner’s attitudes towards maintenance and repair, shows that Canadians put oil changes at the top of the list of services they are letting slide. It’s followed by checking oil and a trio of tire related needs: Changing them, checking wear and checking pressure.

About 2,000 Canadians were surveyed in March 2023. They said they spent almost $400 on maintenance plus about another $650 on repairs.

They find the windshield sticker to be most helpful to remind them about maintenance needs. That was followed by dashboard messaging, e-mail reminders and text messages.

Fewer than half (44 per cent) of Canadians claim to be somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. About one in 10 claim to be very knowledgeable.

Four in 10 (41 per cent) don’t consider vehicle maintenance and repair to be a high priority, the research found. Fewer than a third (31 per cent) view vehicle repair and maintenance as easy with 57 per cent say it’s somewhat easy.

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  1. Lets offer mobile tire service so they will go even longer between services
    “Pay me now or pay me later”

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