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News   March 23, 2022   by Adam Malik

Automotive industry workers report declining mental health

Those who work in the automotive industry reported one of the steepest month-over-month declines in mental health, according to a recent study.

The mental health of Canadians overall has declined at a rate not seen in more than a year, according to LifeWorks, a digital and in-person total wellbeing solutions provider.

The overall mental health score for January 2022 was -11.3 compared to the pre-pandemic benchmark. That’s the lowest it’s been in eight months, among the lowest scores during the COVID-19 pandemic and the quickest month-over-month fall since October 2020.

Automotive industry employees reported a score of -8.1 in January 2022. That’s down from -5.3 in December 2021. The drop of 2.8 points was tied with those in the transportation and warehousing industry, and only better than accommodation and food services, which saw a 5-point drop. Services listed as “other” dropped 3.9 points.

However, the -8.1 score would place it fifth overall, behind industries such as mining and oil and gas extraction, and management of companies and enterprises.

In its report, Lifeworks examined the elements of work that are most important to Canadians. At the top of the list was flexible work with 55 per cent of working Canadians citing it as most important, That was well ahead of career progression, which 24 per cent of Canadians said was most important.

“The pandemic has created a lot of change in our lives, which has resulted in Canadians shifting their priorities,” said Stephen Liptrap, Lifeworks president and chief executive officer. “Many employees are now placing more importance on workplace flexibility – when, where and how they work – rather than career progression, which often includes compensation, promotions and professional development. As more organizations return to the office, it is important for employers to find new ways of supporting employees in this new environment.”


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