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News   April 5, 2022   by Adam Malik

ASW Conversations: What’s on the mind of Fountain Tire’s next CEO

The incoming chief executive officer of Fountain Tire isn’t planning any big changes to the way the company is operating.

Jason Herle, who will move from chief operating officer to CEO in May, joined ASW Conversations recently to talk about his journey into the role and what he has in mind moving forward.

What he told our host and publisher Peter Bulmer was that he intends on maintaining Fountain Tire’s customer-first focus.

I’m a really customer-centric leader. I think that’s where we get our best insights from,” Herle said. “And at Fountain Tire, we say: We’re on this road together. And there can be more truth to this and how we view the relationships with our customers. We treat our customers’ vehicles as if they’re [our] own, we make their problems our problems. And this not only refers to customers in the consumer segment, but in all segments that we operate in.”

Herle also talks about what excites him about the automotive aftermarket, what keeps him up at night and where the industry could be headed.

You can tune into the conversation by clicking the banner above or through this link.



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