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News   October 5, 2020   by Allan Janssen

What do you think of mandatory shop certification? A shop owner weighs in


The Automotive Industries Association of Canada is talking to the Ontario legislators about requiring collision shops to seek government certification in order to do business in the province. If those negotiations well, AIA believes mandatory certification might also be good for the mechanical repair industry — not only in Ontario but across Canada. We spoke to Ontario shop owner Bob Ward about what he thinks of the idea.








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4 Comments » for What do you think of mandatory shop certification? A shop owner weighs in
  1. Thank you Allan for your podcast about the Mandatory Shop Certification for the Collision shops in Ontario. British Columbia has mandatory shop certification for Collision Shops called Certified Collision Repair Program. This program identifies collision repair facilities that have demonstrated a commitment to service excellence through investment and training to achieve the highest levels of industry standards. I believe we can do the same here in Ontario that was done in B.C. for Collision Repair. On the Mechanical side we had ASE Certification for Automotive shops which was the same as Certification for collision. The shop would have each of their technicians trained and verified before they could have the ASE accredited Certification displayed . AARO supports certification for our industry and thank you Bob Ward for your views on certification.

  2. A licence does not mean too much if they cannot do the work.Met a few who bought their way through. I’ve got a red seal since 1972 because of the school i went to in Minneapolis and the automotive course now cost $40.000 US for 2 years and had no experience . The Ontario College sent me 310T certificate and i never worked on truck and coach. What good is the certificate

  3. Peter Cianfarani says:

    Real simple: use the existing laws to get rid of the fly by nighters and stop introducing yet another level of Government that will do nothing to fly by night shops. Enforce Environmental rules, Labour rules, etc. on these fly by nights. Part of the problem is the existing government agencies don’t want to because they don’t want the hassle of confrontation from someone who has nothing to lose. So, instead, it is easier to go after legitimate shops and make everyone feel like they are accomplishing something.

    Go after the fly by nights you already know exist using existing laws and see if that works first. You’d be surprised how many of them have no environmental or employee systems in place.

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