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News   February 1, 2024   by Adam Malik

What young workers want from their employers

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Almost all Gen Z and Millennial workers (93 per cent) prioritize working for an organization that supports quick and flexible decision-making.

A survey from Nestle Canada spoke to 1,100 Canadians aged 20-35. It further found that a vast majority believe that their performance improves in a trusting work environment. An even larger amount (96 per cent) of respondents favour organizations that encourage bold and innovative ideas, yet only 55 per cent feel their current employers embrace these principles.

“Gen Z and Millennials are driving significant changes in workplace culture,” said John Carmichael, president and CEO of Nestlé Canada.

While Canadian workers highly value agility, courage and trust, the research indicates that these expectations are not fully met, presenting an opportunity to redefine future Canadian workplaces. Gen Z and Millennials reportedly feel more satisfied and are more likely to remain in their jobs when these elements are central to their work environment.

Among those considering leaving their jobs, 77 per cent indicated that their employers lacked agility and 78 per cent felt their workplaces didn’t promote courage. Another 72 per cent felt they lacked necessary trust levels.

Carmichael stressed the importance of these attributes in today’s rapidly changing market. “These aren’t just employee aspirations; they’re expectations for their employers and the culture they want to be part of,” he explained.

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