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News   September 27, 2023   by Adam Malik

TotalEnergies signs distribution deal in Quebec

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TotalEnergies Marketing Canada Inc. inked a commercial partnership with Paquet & Fils for the marketing of its lubricants for the Quebec market.

Paquet & Fils specializes in distributing petroleum products and equipment for Quebec.

This move will see TotalEnergies consolidate its distribution network in a strategic area, aiming to offer a better level of service.

“We are excited to unveil our long-term partnership with Paquet & Fils. Our natural complementarity and our joint ambitions align perfectly with our desire for growth, highlighting our vast selection of solutions in the field of lubricants. This collaboration will make it possible to broaden access to our specialized products approved by the main European manufacturers, as well as to our range of organic products and fats, in order to make them accessible to the greatest number of customers” declares Olivier Gauthier, President of TotalEnergies Marketing Canada Inc.

“With the addition of the TotalEnergies product range to ours, we will be able to offer our customers and partners superior quality lubricants. Paquet et fils has always been able, over its 121 years of existence, to capitalize on actions and decisions that have moved the company forward and thus offer exceptional service and products to its customers. It’s in the DNA of Paquet et fils and that’s what we’re still doing with this news,” says Michel Paquet, General Manager of Paquet & Fils.