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News   May 16, 2023   by Adam Malik

The first EV World issue is here!

Our newest publication aims to answer questions, offer insight and bring technical tips to the mechanical repair community

Turnkey Media is proud to announce the launch of EV World, a Canadian publication dedicated to the mechanical repair community as electric vehicles become a greater part of our lives.

Turnkey is the publisher of CARS and Jobber News. With the growth of EVs, we hope to provide you with the latest news, government updates, technical insights, trends and more in the pages of EV World. It will publish four times per year. At this time, we are publishing the magazine electronically only.

In the inaugural issue, our cover story we explore what may be coming in the years ahead with electrification. Nino Di Cara, founder and president of Electric Autonomy Canada, explains that the adoption line will increase with time.

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“And when you see your neighbour get a car and you see how happy they are and they take you out for a ride in it — rather than you having to go to a showroom to get a test drive or whatever it may be — it’s going to really start amplifying; the speed is going to start rapidly increasing,” he said.

And that puts pressure on the aftermarket to be able to service and maintain these vehicles, said Kevin FitzPatrick, senior vice president of North America operations with Opus IVS.

“You’d be doing your business a disservice if you’re not readying now,” he warned.

He’s also our special guest for the Enhanced Media portion of this magazine. Have a listen to more of his thoughts on the need for shops to adapt.

The market analysis feature looks at the past of internal combustion engines compared to the future of EVs. Past technology will fuel the automotive aftermarket but there’s also great opportunity that lies ahead.

“We do need to innovate. And we are seeing the entrepreneurial aftermarket respond to this opportunity to say there is a place for EVs,” said Paul McCarthy president of MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers.

In our technical piece, Mike Baily of Environmental Motorworks knows you’ve probably heard about the safety requirements when working on EVs. He takes a deeper dive into why that is and how to maintain safety in your shop.

As with our other magazines, you’ll also find familiar departments like Letters, News and By the Numbers, all with a focus on electrification.

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