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News   June 15, 2021   by Christine Hogg

Shop of the Week: SWC Automotive Inc.

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Name: Steven Muir (I’m a co-owner with Fred Partridge)

Shop name: SWC Automotive, Service With Care

Location: Burlington, ON

Number of employees: Six

When did you open your shop? We opened our doors as a custom aftermarket facility in 2003 but rebranded our company in 2012 to showcase our expertise in all areas of our industry.

Do you specialize in anything?  People. We pride ourselves on customer service; our focus here at SWC is to properly educate our customers so they can make the choice that’s right for them.

Main parts supplier? Carquest Auto Parts

What has been your biggest challenge(s) as a shop this year and how have you navigated through them?

SM: Our biggest challenge this year, as I’m sure for many others, was adapting to COVID-19 protocols and making our customers feel safe during this pandemic. We achieved this by offering multiple options for our customers to service their vehicles.

What’s your biggest success story this year?

SM: We were extremely grateful to be able to grow our business 30 per cent YOY during a lockdown in the GTA.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

SM: COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to fine tune our business model. It’s shown us how to go beyond the traditional way of doing business. With the help of loaner vehicles and key boxes outside, we are now able to offer no contact drop off as well as payment over the phone or through email. We have also incorporated vehicle cleaning and sanitizing before and after service, our “White Glove” vehicle pick-up and delivery service, free of charge and have been able to slow but not lower our car count. This all has created a better experience for our clients and everyone at SWC Automotive.

What kinds of digital technology are you currently using/implementing?

SM: Protractor for our front of the house software integrated with Autoserve1.

If you could see one change in the aftermarket, what would it be?

SM: An increased willingness and unity of all the players in the aftermarket. Lets break away from the stigma of our industry. A rising tide lifts all ships.

Tell me an interesting fact about your shop?

SM: We have always embraced diversity at SWC Automotive. Over the years we have employed several great female technicians as well as the women we currently have on our team in the service and office management positions. They are and will continue to lead SWC Automotive into the future.

Name a part/product you and your team are particularly enjoying this month and why?

SM: Our Pico 4425A Master Kit – There is always something new to learn and experience when using this complex piece of equipment.

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