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News   August 31, 2023   by Adam Malik

Sentras recalled again for same issue

More than 20,000 Nissan Sentras in Canada are being recalled for the same issue they faced in 2021.

The issue centres around front steering tie-rods can warp and break, leading to loss of steering control for certain 2020-2022 models.

Nissan said that if the tie-rod ends bend, they can be damaged and deform. If this happens, the tire rods may break, impacting the steering and increasing the risk of a collision.

The same problem forced recalls in 2021 — those vehicles repaired then will have to be repaired again.

Owners are being urged to contact their dealer if they notice their steering wheel isn’t centred or if they feel a vibration. Technicians will inspect and replace any broken or deformed parts and tire rod ends, both left and right, will be replaced when a new part is available at no cost to vehicle owners.

Letters informing owners about the issue will be sent out starting Oct. 5. A second letter will be sent when new parts are available.

The issue also affects 236,000 Sentras in the U.S.

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