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News   April 14, 2023   by Adam Malik

Out of stocks less problematic, data show

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A sweep of global data shows there has been a significant reduction in the number of out-of-stock vehicles and automotive products compared to a year ago.

DataFeedWatch reported that its Feed Marketing Report 2022 found 57.46 per cent of products were out of stock in the global automotive eCommerce market just 10 months ago. As of late February, that number sat at 26.46 per cent.

DataFeedWatch compiled the info from 17,000 online stores across 60 countries.

The group noted that even though the segment’s out-of-stock numbers are high — only sporting goods are suffering more — “its bad days of fewer products available … are well over,” it said.

The company also reported that vehicle parts have the largest median of products at more than 7,900, outdoing categories like health and beauty and home supplies

And there have been fewer sales and discounts of parts than most other categories. Just 6 per cent of vehicles and parts have been discounted from regular prices, compared to 50 per cent of furniture, 40 per cent of apparel and 35 per cent of home and garden products.

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