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News   January 12, 2017   by Adam Malik

New filters feed high-performance cars

High-performance streetcars can now use a new line of oil filters from Fram under the hood. The company recently announced its new racing oil filters product line designed for extreme operating conditions.

To help alleviate pressure on the engine, Fram noted a number of “performance-enhancing features, including a heavy-gauge tapping plate and extra-thick outer shell that withstands high-pressure flexing. Fram designed its new Racing Oil Filters with a screen-over by-pass valve for protection against larger contaminants (not included on HP17 or HP6 models), steel end caps, and a spiral-shaped center tube to protect against filter collapse.”

The filters can hold up to racing conditions as well, with a maximum burst pressure of 350-500 psi, plus a maximum operating pressure of 200 psi.

Jay M. Buckley, director of technical training for Fram, said that the new filters are a result of listening to the market. “We have taken their strict requirements for oil-filter performance into consideration when designing our new racing oil filters, and are confident that they will satisfy the need for reliable, standard-setting performance in demanding automotive applications.”

Fram also noted a number of “standard-setting innovations” to help boost performance of high-performance engines, including “a 22-psi filter bypass valve; low-restriction racing media that delivers high oil flow; 94 per cent efficiency at 20 microns for excellent engine protection; maximum oil flow rate of 10 to 18 gpm, depending on filter model; and a silicone anti-drain back valve on some models.”

The company notes that the new filters come in 13 sizes and work with all oil types, allowing the filters to be used with a variety of makes and models.

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