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News   March 9, 2023   by Adam Malik

National body joins international R2R movement

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The global automotive right to repair movement calling for a legislated solution now has the backing of Canada.

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada joined other national bodies in the fight for right to repair legislation.

In an announcement released March 9, AIA Canada said it wants to see “fair and open competition and consumer choice” around vehicle repair and service. The U.S.-based Auto Care Association issued the same announcement backing the same movement.

The Global Vehicle Right to Repair Position Statement — which can be read here — outlines the movement’s core beliefs, along with objectives and intended outcomes it wants to see in a legislated right to repair solution.

“Importantly, the document outlines 10 best practice principles for developing a framework for right to repair legislation that any supporting country can use and adapt to their needs,” AIA Canada’s statement said.

It further noted that the automotive aftermarket performs 70 per cent of repairs after vehicles are no longer covered by warranty.

“Increasingly, automakers are making it more difficult for aftermarket repairers to access vital vehicle diagnostic and repair data — which leaves the customer with limited choices and increased costs to maintain their vehicles,” the statement said. “Without the convenience and choice of independent parts and repair, especially in urban, suburban and rural communities, consumers will have limited access to affordable vehicle service and repair. These restrictions can have catastrophic effects on local economies and the well-being and safety of millions that rely on vehicle transportation daily.”

The global aftermarket contributes US$1.8 trillion to the economy. The Canadian portion of that is CAN$37.8 billion, plus employing more than 480,000 individuals.

“AIA Canada remains committed to working with government to ensure the safety of Canadians through continued access to essential, reliable and affordable vehicle service and repair,” Alana Baker, AIA Canada’s senior director of government relations, said in a statement.

The U.S. auto care industry represents US$492 billion, making up 2 per cent of the country’s GDP.

“Auto Care Association and associations around the globe are aligned in preserving the owner’s choice for vehicle repair,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association. “This statement represents a herculean effort to protect our industry and the rights of individuals around the world. Vehicle owners deserve the right to maintain and repair their vehicle using the repair location of their choice.”

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1 Comment » for National body joins international R2R movement
  1. Frank Turcott says:

    “These connected vehicles collect thousands of data points on the health of vehicle systems. The automakers then transmit these data to themselves wirelessly, obstructing access to it by independent repair shops. ”
    This is the biggest pile of BS. The data that returns to the manufacture is a raw format that would serve no purpose to aftermarket shops. It is meant for the engineers to evaluate the performance of the vehicles system so the firmware of the modules can be improved / correct which is something an independent shop could not do anyway.

    If shops want the special tools and service information then that is available as it has been for many years now… at a price. Even the dealerships have to pay their brand manufacture for these items and for the diagnostic applications it is per seat (aka for each computer / laptop the system is install on) and that includes their parts also.

    I think most people have no concept of the cost of development of the average automobile these days from initial concept to finished design. Thinking that the manufactures should just give all their IP to everyone for free is akin to asking a journalist to give up their sources.

    A retired automotive engineer of 44 years

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