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News   April 24, 2019   by Adam Malik

MACS to sponsor auto software, electronics bootcamp

Mark Quarto will be the instructor for the Automotive Software and Electronics Boot Camp

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide will sponsor the Automotive Software and Electronics Boot Camp this fall.

Dr. Mark Quarto is partnering with FutureTech Auto at the MACS training center in Lansdale, Pa., from September 16-20, 2019.

In an announcement, the society noted that repair shops need to learn new skills required in electronics, computer software writing and coding to take on future repair jobs.

“The automotive industry has transitioned most automotive systems into the space of advanced electrical, electronics, and software controls,” the group said. “ Additionally, hybrid/electric propulsion and ADAS technologies are requiring technicians to become creative and skilled in non-mechanical aspects of the vehicle. Even modern HVAC systems have experienced advances in power electronics with the use of high voltage electric heating, air conditioning, and heat pump components.”

The five-day bootcamp will allow students to go back to their jobs having learned the following:

  • Know differences and specific functions of software, firmware, and hardware systems.
  • Learn fundamental knowledge and skills to build microcontroller-based control applications and hardware interface tools that can be used for monitoring, analyzing and/or diagnosing most automotive systems.
  • Learn how to use electronic devices such as diodes, transistors, op-amps, opto-isolators, voltage translators, logic ICs etc. to create diagnostic & testing tools with hands-on projects.
  • How electronic devices can be used to augment vehicle circuits and the scan tool for testing or diagnosing system faults.
  • Create and build signal conditioning tools to interface vehicle systems with a microcontroller by using hands-on projects.
  • How to write software programs to perform specific diagnostic and testing routines that can be used with/without a scan tool.
  • How to code software programs to command a microcontroller to perform functions to monitor, control, or test circuits.
  • Learn how to create microcontroller systems that can be built for use with a scan tool or on-board vehicle system to manipulate systems operation for the purposes of circuit analysis and diagnostics without the need for purchasing expensive test tools.

Registration for the camp is available at or by calling 360-207-7770.

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