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News   February 6, 2019   by SPONSORED

Paid Castrol GTX MAGNATEC® engine oil is now fully synthetic!

Research has shown that 75% of engine wear occurs during the first 20 minutes of engine warm-up. Castrol GTX Magnatec has a patented fully synthetic formulation that clings to critical engine components even when the engine is turned off. This means Castrol Magnatec provides wear protection from the moment the engine is started.

GTX Magnatec is available in 0W20, 5W20 & 5W30 grades, which cover the needs of more than 85% of Canadian cars. It is also certified for General Motors vehicles requiring the Dexos 1™ Gen2 specification as well as vehicles using Gas Direct Injection technology requiring GF-5 SN+. This important specification helps to prevent catastrophic engine damage associated with low speed pre-ignition.

GTX Magnatec is available in 1 Litre bottles, 5 Litre jugs, 60 litre kegs, drums and bulk. Bulk availability means your shop can have access to Wakefield’s exclusive Think Tank electronic remote monitoring, which keeps track of how much oil is in your bulk tanks, so you don’t have to. Wakefield Think Tank ensures there is always Magnatec in your bulk tanks when you need it.

Contact your Wakefield Canada Representative for details on how GTX Magnatec can help simplify your business.

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