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News   November 23, 2021   by Adam Malik

BBB announces flurry of acquisitions, new division

BBB Industries announced recently that it has acquired a number of new companies and expanded its business.

On Nov. 9, BBB announced the acquisitions of certain assets from Undercar Express LLC (UCX) and Undercar Express Export Company (UCX Express). The two companies are commonly known together as UCX.

The company has been sustainably manufacturing calipers for almost 25 years. It is based in Cleveland.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of UCX as we continue to provide high-quality products to our broad customer base,” said BBB’s CEO, Duncan Gillis. “I am excited to bring added value to our existing and new customer relationships.”

A few days later on Nov. 12, BBB announced the acquisition of Turbo Power Systems, Inc. (TPS) and Elite Auto Lights, Inc.

Based in Houston, TPS has been manufacturing and refurbishing industrial turbochargers for more than 30 years.

Elite Auto, headquartered in Flat Rock, North Carolina, is a regional sustainable manufacturer of automotive headlights and electronics.

“The acquisition of these two companies continues our efforts to bring new products into our portfolio,” Gillis said. “Elite Auto gives us access to complex electronics part repair and sales of pre-autonomous technologies already installed in vehicles today, and TPS is a key advancement in our ongoing efforts to expand our industrial product offerings.”

On Nov. 18, the company announced it would create a new division called TerrePower to help in the broader adoption of battery electric vehicles. The new division will be dedicated to solar and electric upcycling — taking a used part and sustainably manufacturing it for a second life, which avoids recycling and disposal. TerrePower division will serve the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors at first, working to extend the useful life of critical components while improving their performance.

“We see an opportunity to be a central part of the renewable revolution by extending the useful life of battery electric vehicles and solar panels. We believe sustainable manufacturing will solve the environmental and demand challenges associated with the shift to electric vehicles,” Gillis said. “TerrePower is a dedicated division within BBB with the capability to make a significant impact in our industry as well as others.”

Two companies have been acquired to support the new division. BBB acquired the full assets of Ontility, a Houston-based company with offices in Asia and Europe that specializes in the selection, sourcing and sale of a full array of solar products. It has also acquired the equity interest of Amiganet, which is also known as Renovables del Sur. The deal includes all of its operations and subsidiaries in Europe, Mexico and United States. Renovables specializes in the remanufacturing and sale of equipment related to electrical energy — mainly solar products and batteries — for use in electric vehicles and stationary storage solutions.

Finally, BBB also announced Tim Roth has been appointed to the newly created position of chief sustainability officer. He was previously the company’s executive vice president of strategy and business development.

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