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News   June 6, 2023   by Adam Malik

Are Canadians hitting the brakes on summer road trips?

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Packing up the family car for a summer road trip isn’t in the plans for as many as summer approaches and warmer weather hits, according to a recent survey.

In fact, highways across Canada will see significantly less travel than usual this summer, the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada has found. Higher costs all around have forced Canadians to rethink their summer plans.

Two-thirds of drivers told the survey that financial pressures would likely push them to keep their car parked entirely or limit road trips this summer. Those numbers spike when looking at younger drivers — 73 per cent of those aged 18-34 and 72 per cent aged 35-54 said a summer road trip is off the books or will be limited.

“Our survey exposes the extent of harsh financial stresses impacting Canadian motorists and the need for more education on how to gain optimal fuel efficiency from tires,” says Carol Hochu, president of TRAC.

Indeed, four in five (79 per cent) said they know correctly inflated tires lessen vehicle emissions and protect the environment by improving fuel economy. Another 95 per cent understand proper tire inflation is essential to vehicle safety.

However, there are gaps. About one in five (22 per cent) check their tire pressures monthly, which is the recommended frequency of measurement. Three in five (61 per cent) do not know inflation should only be measured when tires are cold. Only a third refer to the tire pressure on the sidewall when identifying the correct pressure for their tires. (Editor’s note: This is the information provided by the source, though it has caused confusion. The stat is demonstrating that drivers incorrectly looked to the sidewall for correct tire pressure information, hence the gap in knowledge referred to at the start of the paragraph.)

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3 Comments » for Are Canadians hitting the brakes on summer road trips?
  1. Daren Hodgson says:

    Hire some proofreaders please.
    Especially if your publish articles about car stuff.
    The headline to the article ” Are Canadians hitting the breaks on summer road trips?”
    Breaks being spelled as a rest period instead of “brakes” which would stop the car.
    Sorry , I didn’t even read the article because all credibility was lost right there.

  2. Geoff says:

    According to the last line, TRAC thinks the proper tire inflation is indicated on the tire sidewall? That’s discouraging. I sincerely hope their survey didn’t convey that to people.

  3. Glenn Kroeze says:

    Have to second that comment. Tire inflation specifications are on the driver’s door or door post, not on the tire. That’s really entry level car maintenance, how does an article aimed at professionals get it wrong?

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