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News   March 26, 2020   by Allan Janssen

What working from home looks like, Alliance-style



The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance – known simply as the Alliance – is showing the world what “working from home” really means.

The company says it has committed to being a resource to its shareholders during the Covid-19 pandemic, even though key people are spread across a number of states and provinces.

“We’re as committed as ever to serving all the members of our distribution channels, from suppliers to warehouse distributors to shops and stores,” said JC Washbish, vice president of sales and marketing for the Alliance. “Whether we’re in the office together or on virtual meetings together, we at the Alliance continue to develop innovative ways to benefit our members and our industry.”

With that in mind, the company has shared a collage of home office snap shots where its employees are offering a growing list of resources, with information releases, daily webinars, and frequent updates.

San Antonio, where Alliance headquarters are based, announced a shelter at home order, starting on March 24.

The Alliance Parts Warehouse (APW) in North Little Rock, Ark., continues to operate at full functionality, with additional safety precautions. Neither the state nor local municipalities have yet declared any restrictions. As a part of the automotive repair business, the warehouse workers will be considered “essential” if a quarantine is placed on the state or city and will be able to continue working from the warehouse.

“We’re grateful to all the staff at APW for continuing to show up at the warehouse each day during these times, and we’re grateful to government officials for recognizing the critical role vehicle repair and maintenance plays in day-to-day life and deeming it ‘essential,’” Washbish said.