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News   June 22, 2022   by Adam Malik

What Canadians want to see before buying EVs

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Bigger purchase incentives are top of mind for Canadians when considering buying an electric vehicle, according to a recent industry survey.

The Canadian government mandated a year ago that all new vehicles in the country be zero-emission by 2035. A recent J.D. Power report found that Canadians are less interested in electric vehicles than Americans, citing cost, range anxiety, lack of familiarity and geography.

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants note that there hasn’t been a detailed action plan outlined since. So it decided to ask Canadians what they believe the government should do to get them behind the wheel of one.

Topping the list was increasing incentives through bigger rebates with 68.7 per cent citing the need to entice them to buy a zero-emission vehicle.

Charging infrastructure is also top of mind, with about 54 per cent of respondents highlighting the need.

When asked if the limiting of internal combustion engines would be a good strategy, about one in five (22 per cent) agreed.

“The Canadian government has set a significant challenge with its ZEV targets without yet providing a detailed roadmap as to how this will be achieved,” said Andrew King, Managing Partner at DesRosiers. “For this goal to be met it will require creative and consumer-focused policies that meet the needs of vehicle purchasers across the country.”