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News   October 5, 2022   by Adam Malik

Turnkey Media launching new EV-focused magazine

The parent of CARS, Jobber News and Auto Service World is set to launch a new magazine for automotive service providers focused on electric vehicles.

Turnkey Media will publish EV World, to guide ASPs as they hone their skills for an electrified future.

The quarterly magazine will provide readers with technical articles and how-to guides to get familiar with electrics. ASPs will also be able to keep on top of the latest news, whether it’s from the government, automakers, parts manufacturers or other corners of the automotive industry.

“We’re moving towards an electrified world,” said Peter Bulmer, publisher of Turnkey’s automotive publications. “Everyone from manufacturers to technicians will be affected by this change. We want to provide a space for the industry to learn together and prepare for what’s ahead.”

The publication will track consumer habits and keep ASPs in the know on what to expect from their customers as they hit the road in an EV. And, of course, the latest products and innovations will be delivered directly to professionals.

“These days, there isn’t a conference that doesn’t have a section dedicated to electrification. Some events are dedicated entirely to the technology,” Bulmer added. “It’s a sign of the times. ASPs need to stay on top of developments, and this is one way they can.”

The magazine will be supported by an online portal that will launch along with the print edition.

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