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News   November 8, 2022   by Adam Malik

The dangerous habits of Canadian drivers

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Despite public messaging around the dangers of using your phone while driving, many Canadians are continuing to do so, according to a study.

Compare the Market, a financial rates comparison site, found in a recent survey that nearly two in five (37 per cent) Canadians admit to using their phone while driving.

The top reason? To check maps or navigation purposes (65 per cent). Other reasons include texting (54 per cent), accessing their music app (41 per cent), social media (19 per cent) and email (15 per cent).

But the most common thing Canadians do behind the wheel is eating food (56 per cent).

These distracting events are dangerous, said Compare the Market’s Stephen Zeller.

“Seemingly, there are so many little things that sneak into our driving, such as grabbing a coffee to go or a quick bite on the way to work, checking a text or changing songs on a music app, but these minor lapses in focus can have deadly consequences,” he said, adding that heavy fines can be assessed, not to mention fatalities that can occur as a result.

“It’s paramount for drivers to be focused on the road the whole time they are driving, and not to give in to those sneaky habits which can cause distractions because, while they may save you a minute or two in the short term, it could hurt you or someone else either physically or financially in the long term.”

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