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News   January 25, 2024   by Adam Malik

Speeding a top concern for Canadians

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A new poll conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has unveiled a significant concern among Canadians about speeding in residential areas.

The concern is there even though many admitted to occasionally engaging in the behaviour themselves.

According to the CAA survey, nearly nine in 10 (88 per cent) of Canadians expressed deep worry about speeding in neighbourhood zones. At the same same time, one in five (22 per cent) respondents confessed to speeding in these areas at least sometimes.

The issue is further compounded by data showing that speed-related collisions, which latest federal government statistics show make up a quarter of fatal accidents, are on an upward trend.

“Canadians have a valid reason to be concerned about speeding,” said Ian Jack, vice president of public affairs at CAA National. “These accidents are preventable and we urge everyone to reduce their speed in 2024 to enhance safety for all.”

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation highlighted that traveling even 10 km/hr above the speed limit can increase the likelihood of a collision by 60 per cent, while only saving an average of four minutes per trip. Jack also reminded drivers that posted speed limits are meant for ideal weather conditions, a particularly pertinent point during Canada’s harsh winter months.

In addition to speeding concerns, the CAA poll also asked Canadians to identify other dangerous driving behaviours they engage in. The top five confessions included speeding on highways (45 per cent), using technology while driving (32 per cent), speeding in residential areas (22 per cent), driving significantly over the speed limit (19 per cent), and driving while excessively tired (18 per cent).

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