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News   April 24, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Kukui World: Tech company plans full online conference

Kukui is bringing together a number of industry experts  April 30 and May 1 to help shop owners discover “what it takes to keep the phone ringing.

The two-day virtually conference — dubbed Kukui World — will be hosted by the company’s resident “evangelist” Jimmy Lea, and will feature 20 live sessions.

Co-sponsored by the Automotive Training Institute (ATI), the event comes in response to the COVID-19 stay-in-place orders.

“This online conference is completely free to attend and built to empower shop owners to share best practices that will keep us on the road and keep our businesses running in these uncertain times,” Lea said. “To make it fun we are also giving away a Trager Grill.”

The agenda starts with a Town Hall meeting, featuring Frank Butkus-Leutz, Kathleen Jarosik, Vinnie Lucido, Travis Troy. Bryan Gossel, David Drake, and Mike Haley.

Subsequent session topic include:

  • Staying in Touch with Text Messaging
  • The Opportunity for Mechanical and Collision Shop Synergy
  • Touch-less Payments
  • Business in your Backyard, get yours now.
  • Increasing Your Car Count
  • Contactless Service
  • Marketing Your Shop with Video
  • Risk Management for Fleet Accounts
  • How to Avoid Going Extinct like the Fax Machine
  • Changes with Online Marketing

Throughout the two-day event, there will be break-out sessions where attendees can speak with peers.

You can register HERE.

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