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News   December 22, 2022   by Matthew Baratta

Tips on keeping the shop clean

An easy checklist shop can follow before and after the workday

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An auto shop is not often a place associated with being clean and tidy. It might be a functional working space for you it could look dishevelled to potential customers.

You don’t want them to think you’re not detail-oriented. A clean, tidy space will reassure your existing and new customers that your auto shop provides professional, high-quality services and that their vehicle is in good hands when they leave.

It’s essential to understand the difference a polished and spotless environment can make. Here is our guide to ensure that your auto shop will look its best to make a great impression on your customer.

Before the workday

First, it’s best to set yourself up for success by creating a list of simple, straightforward to-do’s that can be accomplished before you open.

For example:

  • Check that supplies are well-stocked. This ensures that no matter what the day throws at you, you’ll be ready to clean it up.
  • After checking your inventory, schedule any orders for cleaning supplies that you’re running low on.
  • Review your stock of clean towels and gloves.
  • Take a look at the parts washer and see if it needs a good cleaning or any maintenance.

Then, give all surfaces a wipe-down. Grab your preferred cleaning solution and a clean cloth to clear off surfaces used throughout the day. These can be catch-alls for dirt, dust, and debris. Go along the counters, tables, shelves, and chairs.

Don’t forget to wipe down any equipment surfaces and all door handles.

Give the shop a thorough sweep. After a proper wipe-down of frequently used surfaces, take the broom and sweep the hard floors. Start in the maintenance area and move to the waiting room, office, and entrance. While these areas might not stay clean all day, it’ll make a difference when you tackle your after-work cleaning list.

Ensure the bathroom is clean. The bathroom is likely a popular spot throughout the day. You’ll likely want it to be as clean as possible, no matter who uses it. Take the time to restock any low items, like toilet paper and paper towels. Give the toilet bowl a good wash and scrub, and don’t forget to disinfect the other surfaces like the sink and door handles.

After the workday

Once the day has come to an end, it’s time for the next steps on your cleaning checklist. Although it could feel tempting to skip some to save you time and effort, you’ll actually save both of those in the long run by ensuring these tasks get done:

  • Start by disinfecting all the tools used throughout the day and ensure they are put away correctly.
  • Take the time to do the laundry, wash and dry all the towels and gloves used, and get rid of any that are no longer useable.
  • Once again, wipe down all surfaces throughout the shop.

Sweep and vacuum. Dirt and debris are bound to collect on the floor throughout the day. Break out the broom again or plug in the vacuum. Plan your work in sections based on each area. This includes the waiting room, entrance, office, bathroom and, of course, maintenance bays.

Be sure to put away various items. A lot of things can get left out during the day that don’t end up making it back to where they should be. This might include tills, receipts and confidential paperwork or information.

Pack away food and ensure it is placed in the fridge if needed. Organize pens and paper so they are ready to be used the next day.

Check the deep clean schedule. Some parts of the shop need a little more TLC than others. Review the deep cleaning schedule and see what has to be done. This could involve getting out the steam cleaner, or pressure washing the heavy equipment and floors. Ensure you take anything apart that needs time to dry and use the proper products or machinery to complete the task at hand.

Perhaps these duties are already on your checklist, or now you’ve got some new ones to add. Maintaining the cleanliness of your shop not only keeps it a safe place to work but makes it an inviting space where people feel confident to leave their vehicles.

Your business deserves to be kept clean with the right tools. Ensure your space looks great and functions well by purchasing cleaning machines and equipment that make ticking tasks off your to-do list that much easier.

Matthew Baratta is vice president of Operations at Daimer Industries, a leader in innovative, technologically advanced commercial and industrial cleaning equipment for major commercial and industrial cleaning and restoration applications. Baratta has extensive knowledge in the cleaning industry and has earned a master’s degree in public health.


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