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News   April 24, 2019   by Allan Janssen

EYE SPY: Strange strategy for reducing brake noise

Customer spreads packing grease over brake parts to quiet the metal-on-metal grinding sound.

The owner of this vehicle actually made his braking problems many times worse by packing grease where the friction material used to be when the metal-on-metal grinding sound became unbearable.

Tom Cox, a technician at J&J Automotive, in Kingston, Ont., was shocked to find the brake pads were completely worn away, and packing grease was spread all over to quiet the noisy brakes.

“I’d never seen the likes of it,” said Jamie Young, owner of the NAPA Auto Care facility.

Thankfully, the customer allowed them to fix the vehicle properly.

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2 Comments » for EYE SPY: Strange strategy for reducing brake noise
  1. Conal says:

    Probably tried WD40 first, but then had to go with something more robust when the grinding started.

  2. Kevin says:

    This is a serious problem, how many other vehicles are out there driving around with brakes that haven’t been maintained. Drivers that don’t maintain their vehicle cause accidents, because in emergency situations your brakes, suspension,steering and tires all have to be up to specs and working properly and just maybe you can save your own life or someone else. It can also help keep our insurance rates down, I hate paying higher premiums for others peoples stupidity.

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