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News   September 4, 2019   by Allan Janssen

Reader pictures reveal hidden dangers

When it comes to dangerous vehicles, our readers have seen it all! But few situations are as potentially explosive as when amateurs monkey around with the gas tank! We’ve put together a combustible collection of Eye Spy photos that were gas-tank calamities-in-the-making. Enjoy the craziness! And if you’ve got a photo to share, fill out the form below, or send your high-res image to

Matthew Jamieson of CJ Karz Auto Service in Saskatoon, Sask., sent in this doozy. The vehicle had recently had a fuel filler hose “repair.” Needless to say, it was leaking fuel! “It also had a poorly routed brake hose and many missing bolts from various different components,” says Jamieson. “This vehicle should never have been sold in that condition!”


Steve Spudik, owner of SHS Auto & Truck Care in Turtlecreek, N.B., found this potential disaster on a 2006 Saturn Ion. The customer said he must have hit something because he smelled gas. Turns out the gas tank strap had broken, allowed the tank to rest on exhaust pipe that was exposed because the heat shield had rotted away. Whatever damaged the underside must also have caught the line as well because it was looking too. “The customer is lucky there were no sparks!” Spudik points out.

Here’s one from John’s Thistle Auto in Ladner, B.C. Doing a service on a 1995 Yukon, they noticed one of the fuel straps had been replaced with a nylon one! They wasted no time in replacing it with a proper one ASAP!


That’s just a small sample of what techs are finding under the cars they work on every single day. Want to add your findings to the EyeSpy collection? Send a high-res picture and lots of explanation to


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