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News   December 2, 2021   by Adam Malik

EV automaker announces launch

An Ontario-based electric vehicle manufacturer has announced it will launch in 2023 with next-generation fully electric vehicles for the global automotive marketplace.

Trouvé Victory Inc.’s vehicles will include 18-minute quick charge capabilities and an overnight full charge in 4 hours. The company said this will allow for an 800-1,000 km or 500-700 mile driving range on a single charge.

“Electric vehicles are quieter, cleaner and more efficient to run than fossil fueled vehicles,” said Faruk K. Rama, Trouvé’s chairman. “They are the answer to building a better, cleaner world for our children. In order for us to see a true global shift to electric vehicles and their benefits, we need more options for high-performing, zero-emissions vehicles in the market.”

The company will unveil three model designs. All designs will be backed by high-performance electric technology, engineered to be recyclable.

Trouvé is planning on manufacturing facilities located in southern Ontario, as well as in the U.S., the U.K., Oman and Europe.

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