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News   May 30, 2019   by Renee Montague

Canadians worried, confused about autonomous vehicles

More than 55 percent of Canadians believe autonomous vehicles have benefits but the vast majority harbour deep-seated fears and confusion about the technology, according to the Canadian Automobile Association.

A recent CAA poll shows that 83% of Canadians have only a vague knowledge of autonomous technology and have concerns that range from accountability in the event of an accident (61%), to vehicle hacking (59%), to the potential for third-party access to driver-generated data (53 percent).

CAA says that points to a need for more consumer-friendly information.

“New vehicles today contain some form of connected or automated vehicle technology, whether that’s Bluetooth connectivity, lane assist or another feature,” said Jeff Walker, chief strategy officer at CAA National. “These are the building blocks that will lead to fully autonomous vehicles one day, yet the vast majority of Canadians are not familiar with the technology – and that leads naturally to them having concerns.”

CAA has launched an online portal called Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, aimed at helping Canadians better understand connected and autonomous vehicles.

The tool explains the levels of autonomous vehicles, timelines for adoption and the risks of the technology and concludes in the long run, AVs should be a boon for road safety and mobility.

“The transition to autonomous vehicles will likely happen gradually,” Walker said. “In the long run, AVs will save lives since collisions will be much fewer and far between, and they will allow seniors or others with limited mobility the opportunity to regain independence.”

Learn more about connected and autonomous vehicles HERE.

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