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News   July 30, 2021   by AutoServiceWorld Staff

ASW Conversations: Welcoming back Adam Malik as editor

On the latest episode of ASW Conversations, our host and publisher Peter Bulmer sits down with Adam Malik, who has returned as editor of Jobber News and now of CARS magazines.

Malik was the editor of AutoServiceWorld and Jobber News until May 2019. He went to cover the insurance industry beat for what was at the time a sister publication. In July 2021, he has come back to his old seat at Jobber News, while now also overseeing CARS.

Though he was away, Malik never forgot his automotive aftermarket background. He took his knowledge of auto and translated that into issues that were pressing in the insurance industry, such as issues in collision, progress of autonomous and electric vehicles and driving trends.

“It was helpful to have my aftermarket knowledge while I was over there,” he said on the podcast. “It seemed that anytime there was something related to automotive I kind of sunk my teeth into it and covered that because there are a lot of issues there between collision and insurance, especially the relationships.”

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