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News   December 7, 2020   by Wendy Dessler

5 tips to help your car last longer

Car repairs can be costly, and having your car out of commission for a couple of days (or longer) can be very inconvenient.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. There are several things that can go wrong in and around your vehicle. This can range from engine troubles, to issues with transmission to problems with the body of your car. These can dramatically cut down the lifespan of your vehicle.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do and tips you can abide by to help your car last a little bit longer before you need to get a new one. Many of these are quite easy to follow and implement, and can have impressive results.

Here are some of the best tips to help your car last longer.

Protect the vehicle

One of the best things to do when it comes to helping your car last longer is to protect it.

There are several products out there meant to protect your car from the various elements and debris that can hurt it.

You can apply rust-protection spray onto your metal components, or ensure that you have cryogenically treated brake rotors. This can help to make sure the brakes wear much slower and remain high-quality for a longer period of time.

Also, something as simple as parking your car in a tucked away from dirt, road salt, rain, ice and snow and can help prolong the car. In addition to protecting the vehicle, be sure to clean it regularly.

Drive cautiously

The way you drive can also have a large impact on how long your car lasts. The more careful and “smooth” a driver you are, the better. Driving erratically and making hard stops and turns all day long can wreak havoc on the various components of your vehicle.

Things like your brakes, your suspension, your tires and even your engine can wear much quicker if you fail to drive carefully. Also, being careful will not only protect your car, but also yourself. Another big part of being a careful driver is watching where you are driving.

Do your best to avoid major potholes and bumps, as hitting these at high speeds can dramatically speed up the wear and tear of your vehicle.

Remember: routine maintenance!

If you want to keep your car in tip top shape, you should be taking it in for maintenance checks every now and then.

Sure, these annual checks and preventative maintenance can cost a bit of money, but that is a small price to pay.

This routine maintenance can include oil and other fluid changes, brake checks, belt checks and several other inspections. In general, these check ups will ensure your vehicle is road-ready and there are no potentially serious issues developing. 

If you fail to go for this maintenance at least once a year or so, your car may be steadily deteriorating and you may not even know it. Even if your car seems fine, having a professional check it out every once in a while is very important.

Keep your cargo light

The weight of your cargo can also come into play when talking about the longevity of your vehicle. If you constantly load your car up to an excessive amount, it can make things quite hard on the vehicle. Everything from the steering, to the transmission, to the tires can be negatively impacted by driving around too much weight.

It is a good idea to only keep what you need in your vehicle, and if you need to transport large items, try not to do it too often. Having an overloaded car can also make your car much less agile, and can hurt your fuel economy, as well.

Pay attention to your tire pressure

The last tip we want to mention is to pay attention to the pressure of your tires. Your tires are what connect your car to the ground you drive on, and thus are incredibly important. They need to be checked frequently to make sure they have the right amount of air in them. Improper tire pressure can reduce your traction, wear out the tires and make your engine work overtime.

While most people have a problem with their tire pressure being too low, others can also experience issues if it is too high. The key is to get it just right, and keep it steady at that correct level. Every car is different, so consult your owners manual or check online to learn the right tire pressure for your specific vehicle.

Extending the lifespan of your car

Any of the aforementioned tips can help you make sure your car lasts longer.

Keeping one, or all of them, in mind can save you from having to replace your car or its parts sooner than you would like.

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