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News   June 26, 2023   by Adam Malik

20 years for B.C.’s oil recycling efforts

Interchange Recycling, formerly known as the BC Used Oil Management Association, is marking 20 years of collecting and recycling used motor oil, oil filters, oil containers, used antifreeze and antifreeze containers in British Columbia.

The group was formed in 2003 under the British Columbia Society Act. B.C. residents can recycle these materials throughout the province for free and in an eco-friendly way. More than 880 million litres of used oil have been collected since the group started, in addition to 100 million used oil filters and 26 million litres of antifreeze, which it only began collecting in 2011.

A province-wide ambassador program has been launched the group has partnered with community events across British Columbia that support used oil and antifreeze recycling. Ambassadors will travel to family- and auto-focused events until August 31, 2023 to promote Interchange Recycling, while creating awareness around the importance of recycling program materials.

“We’re proud to celebrate this milestone anniversary. For two decades, Interchange Recycling has provided British Columbians with a convenient, free, and eco-friendly way to recycle used oil and antifreeze materials,” said David Lawes, the stewardship’s CEO. “We are very excited about our Ambassadors being on-site at events across the province—educating participants and spectators on Interchange Recycling, the importance of used oil and antifreeze recycling, and how to find used oil recycling facilities across B.C.”

As for the name change, Lawes said it now better reflects its business and future.

“We look forward to collaborating with more businesses and industries to achieve better environmental outcomes for everyone,” Lawes said. “We continue to be committed to providing all British Columbians with conveniently located recycling centres across the province to recycle their program materials. While our name has changed, our mandate to provide British Columbians with a convenient, free and eco-friendly way to recycle program materials has not. We will continue to collect and recycle used lubricating oil, oil filters, oil containers, used antifreeze and antifreeze containers under the new name.”

Since 2003, Interchange Recycling has collected more than 880 million litres of used oil, 100 million used oil filters, and 26 million litres of antifreeze (they started collecting antifreeze in 2011).

Used oil can be re-refined into new lubricating oil or material inputs for manufacturing or energy products. Used oil filters contain metal, which is recycled into metal products like rebar, nails, and wire. Used oil and antifreeze containers are recycled and used to manufacture new oil containers, drainage tiles, and parking curbs. Used antifreeze is refined and reused as new automotive antifreeze.

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